Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6/22 Outdoor Wednesday #128

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Vine growing on fence, June-2011. Applied Picnik texture background to image. Thanks for dropping by. See you next week. Meanwhile, take care.


  1. Very beautiful shot. Happy Outdoor Wed.

  2. Hi Joyce, This shot of the fence with the blooms growing out of the boards is so nice and textural. I have strange things growing on our fence that will come down when the new fence goes up! It's probably poisonous so I stay away! Thanks for visiting my garden area. I am such a novice and there is so much more I want to do. But I need more money for the plantings and more experience to figure out where to put them. LOL I have a SIL who is a master gardener and she definitely has the knack. I'll try to learn from her as she tried to emulate my interior decorating talents!
    enjoy your weekend! ~ Sue

  3. Oh, this shot looks like something from Nat Gio. magazine! How you captured this moment is priceless, I bet this doesn't always happen...thank you for sharing it. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on the dishes, you see, I've posted before at least 5 china designs I made, inspiring myself in the Ecuadorian native people, embroidery clothing,, as my hubby had a ceramic company for 30 yrs., he sold it 3 yrs. ago and now we're both retired...I made dishes and all it's accessories and services, I mentioned it many times, so now I gave a litte history in my blog. These I designed for my daughter Sofia 10 yrs. ago when she got married. Hugs and take care. Come again. FABBY

  4. Hi thanks for visiting my post, and the extreme superlative description for my country. That photo above is nice, but i dont know how to put that texture you mentioned to make it nicer. However, it seems unnatural because the color of the vine changed drastically.

  5. Lovely photo. I haven't tried Piknik, but have read good things about it. Thanks for stopping by Pretty Old Houses, come again.