Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6/8 Outdoor Wednesday - #126

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Wilmette Harbor, IL-May 25, 2011.

Person walking on Wilmette beach- IL, Lake Michigan only around 2 1/2 weeks ago if that. Notice how windy it is.

Person leaning over to pick-up something. Perhaps it was either a rock, pieces of driftwood, or it could have been a feather. Photo taken at Wilmette Beach, Lake Michigan, IL-May 2011.

I was wearing my parka and gloves when these photos were taken. It must have been below freezing with the wind factor. Today it is in the 90s. Our area went, I think, from winter to summer. What happened to spring?

So glad you stopped by. I hope you will visit again soon. Meanwhile, take care.


  1. Oh its a person! I wondered what kind of bird that was :) It looks really storming, beautiful photos!

  2. Wonderful photos, and looks mysterious! Happy weekend!