Monday, June 13, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

Parking Meters reflection in window. Frame is interesting too with a screw or nut and bolt painted over how many times? Notice the cracks and lines on the bottom of the frame. Look how many times window frames repeat themselves in the photograph. Even the parking meters seem to be lined up for a relay race. Image seems a bit eerie if you ask me.


  1. Awesome shot! A creative mind was at work..

  2. I just want to thank you for becoming a follower on my blog; I'm following yours now as well. Thanks for sharing the photo, along with your observations. You have a good eye for detail. My husband does most of the photography for my posts; he just got a very nice camera at Christmas. I inherited our first digital camera, which isn't a bad camera at all; I just need a lot more practice with it. Have a good week!